The book focuses on the purpose of Yoga practice and describes in detail the psycho-physiological link; such as the vrtiis attached to each chakra. The 50 vrtiis are the specific mental propensities, that bind us to the body, the materialistic outlook on life and counterproductive behaviour. This is, to my knowledge, the first time this very useful information has been related in a non-esoteric work.
One of the book’s very prominent strengths is its frequent and pertinent allusions to modern science. Another is, that it is clearly based on personal experience rather than just scriptural and literary study and interpretation. It is captivating and not too heavy reading......All in all, the book delivers much interesting and new information about Yoga and meditational practises and the associated philosophy.   "

Kaare Claudewitz, M.A., clinical psychlogist - chairman, the Society of Psychic Research

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